Oscar 0.4.11 release notes


Add extra blocks to order dashboard template.

Oscar 0.4.10 release notes


Extend range of bankcard expiry month field.

Oscar 0.4.9 release notes


Make AbstractStockRecord abstract (#645)

Oscar 0.4.8 release notes


Fix bug with order dashboard line editing (#622)

Oscar 0.4.7 release notes


Fix bug with order dashboard searching (#587)

Oscar 0.4.6 release notes


Fix dependencies in setup.py

Oscar 0.4.5 release notes


Extend get_class to support loading from non-Oscar packages

Oscar 0.4.4 release notes


Correct django-haystack in setup.py

Oscar 0.4.3 release notes


Pin django-haystack version as backwards-incompatiable changes are happening

Oscar 0.4.2 release notes


Nano-release to fix logout redirect bug

Oscar 0.4.1 release notes


Nano-release to bump dependency versions.

Oscar 0.4.0 release notes


Quite a big release this one. Several new features have been added since the 0.3 release series:

  • Better support for digital products. Additional fields added to product class model.
  • HTML editing within the dashboard
  • A new email dashboard
  • Major refactor of the offers module and test suite
  • Product stock alerts: customers can request an alert when when a product comes back into stock
  • Customer notifications: an API and inbox for sending users notifications


Four apps have new migrations. If you subclass these apps in your project, you will need to create a new schema migration for each to pick up the upstream changes.

  • Basket:
    • A price_excl_tax has been added to basket.Line. This is useful for applications that use dynamic pricing where both the price with and without tax needs to be stored.
  • Catalogue:
    • A requires_shipping field has been added to catalogue.ProductClass to facilitate better support for digital products (that don’t require shipping).
    • The code field of catalogue.Option now has a unique index.
  • Customer:
    • New models for stock alerts and notifications
    • The email_subject_template field from customer.CommunicationEventType is now nullable.
  • Order:
    • An offer_name field has been added to order.OrderDiscount so retain audit information on discounts after offers are deleted.

Please ask on the mailing list if any other problems are encountered.