Test suite

Running tests

Oscar uses pytest to run the tests, which can be invoked using:

$ ./runtests.py

You can run a subset of the tests by passing a path:

$ ./runtests.py tests/unit/offer/availability_tests.py

To run an individual test class, use:

$ ./runtests.py tests/unit/offer/availability_tests.py::TestASuspendedOffer

(Note the ‘::’.)

To run an individual test, use:

$ ./runtests.py tests/unit/offer/availability_tests.py::TestASuspendedOffer::test_is_unavailable

You can also run tests which match an expression via:

$ ./runtests.py tests/unit/offer/availability_tests.py -k is_unavailable

Testing against different setups

To run all tests against multiple versions of Django and Python, use detox:

$ detox

You need to have all Python interpreters to test against installed on your system. All other requirements are downloaded automatically. detox is a wrapper around tox, creating the environments and running the tests in parallel. This greatly speeds up the process.

Kinds of tests

Tests are split into 3 folders:

  • unit - These are for tests that exercise a single unit of functionality, like a single model. Ideally, these should not write to the database at all - all operations should be in memory.
  • integration - These are for tests that exercise a collection or chain of units, like testing a template tag.
  • functional - These should be as close to “end-to-end” as possible. Most of these tests should use WebTest to simulate the behaviour of a user browsing the site.

Naming tests

When running a subset of tests, Oscar uses the spec plugin. It is a good practice to name your test cases and methods so that the spec output reads well. For example:

$ py.test tests/integration/catalogue/product_tests.py --spec
============================== test session starts ==============================
platform darwin -- Python 2.7.9 -- py-1.4.26 -- pytest-2.7.0
rootdir: /Users/mvantellingen/projects/django-oscar, inifile: setup.cfg
plugins: cache, cov, django, spec, xdist
collected 15 items

    [PASS]  Allow two products without upc
    [PASS]  Create products with attributes
    [PASS]  None upc is represented as empty string
    [PASS]  Upc uniqueness enforced

    [PASS]  Top level products are part of browsable set
    [PASS]  Top level products must have product class
    [PASS]  Top level products must have titles

    [PASS]  Child products are not part of browsable set
    [PASS]  Child products dont need a product class
    [PASS]  Child products dont need titles
    [PASS]  Child products inherit fields
    [PASS]  Have a minimum price

    [PASS]  Delegates requires shipping logic

    [PASS]  Entity attributes
    [PASS]  Validating option attribute

=========================== 15 passed in 1.64 seconds ===========================