The customer app bundles communication with customers. This includes models to record product alerts and sent emails. It also contains the views that allow a customer to manage their data (profile information, shipping addresses, etc.)

Abstract models

class oscar.apps.customer.abstract_models.AbstractCommunicationEventType(*args, **kwargs)[source]

A ‘type’ of communication. Like a order confirmation email.

code = None

Code used for looking up this event programmatically.


Return a dict of templates with the context merged in

We look first at the field templates but fail over to a set of file templates that follow a conventional path.

name = None

Name is the friendly description of an event for use in the admin

class oscar.apps.customer.abstract_models.AbstractEmail(*args, **kwargs)[source]

This is a record of all emails sent to a customer. Normally, we only record order-related emails.

class oscar.apps.customer.abstract_models.AbstractProductAlert(*args, **kwargs)[source]

An alert for when a product comes back in stock


Get a random generated key based on SHA-1 and email address

class oscar.apps.customer.abstract_models.AbstractUser(*args, **kwargs)[source]

An abstract base user suitable for use in Oscar projects.

This is basically a copy of the core AbstractUser model but without a username field